Bo Peep

Courtney's female characters are weird and wonderful. Her work has been published in Semi-Permanent, Yen Magazine, 
Gestalten's The Beautiful Book, Frankie 
and Monster Children Magazine. She won the 2008 Mooks Artspace Award and in 2010 was even shortlisted by Tim Burton as a finalist in ACMI’s 'Burton Wonderland' exhibition.

Butchers Bride

For Urban Purveyor

Bondi Blonde

For Urban Purveyor's new range of beers, launched January 2016.

Lion Tamer

For Urban Purveyor

Hot Dog

For Urban Purveyor


Personal work


Personal work

Hide and Seek

Personal work

Mutual attraction

Personal work

Grow Your Own Sandwich

Abbott’s Village Bakery’s national ‘Grow Your Own Sandwich’ campaign, which saw her work splashed across the walls of supermarkets across Australia.

Diego Rum Cocktail Guide

For Diego Rum

Becker Lane

For Heritage Foods

Horse Blaze

Editorial illustration for Cup Carnival Magazine