The Drawing Arm New Recruit :: Chris Nixon

We’re super stoked to welcome Perth-based illustrator, Chris Nixon, to the team! Inspired by the West Coast and with an emphasis on the handmade and crafted, Chris’s work can be found across a wide range of media, from children’s books, animation and commercial illustration, to large-scale public art.

Where digital illustration is concerned, his process is to work as traditionally as possible before remastering, to get the best of both worlds.

Chris has installed many large-format artworks around Australia, and has exhibited in Bali, Berlin and Tokyo.

Mural created with exterior acrylic.

The Drawing Arm on Show :: Beastman :: The Human Intervention

In his upcoming show TDA artist, Brad Eastman (Beastman), depicts the potential future of the ? via a series of painterly systems; balancing geometry, measurement, movement and colour to create symbolic, contemporary landscapes.

Aptly named, The Human Intervention, the collection takes on an aerial viewpoint, allowing us to look down and consider our impact on the natural world and the complex interplay between nature and the man made, and to creatively observe the consequences of our actions.

Beastman doesn’t seek to answer the question of our role in nature, instead he evokes enquiry through the considered composition of key shapes and lines that resemble the manipulation of natural landscapes and environments.

Opening 6pm May 4th, Backwoods Gallery, Collingwood.

Acrylic on canvas.

Brent Smith :: Modus Operandi :: Dream Weaver

Tropical, hazy, unfiltered…these are the words used to describe Dream Weaver, a Limited Edition IPA from Sydney’s Modus Operandi.

Funnily enough they also describe artist, Brent ‘Biffy’ Smith, reasonably accurately. Brent created Dream Weaver’s signature citrus illustration, which will adorn t-shirts, posters, stubby holders and the brew itself in an MO venue near you.


Carly Casey :: Barker Street Canteen

Some projects leave you grinning from ear to ear, and this mural gig for Barker Street Canteen was certainly one of those.

Commissioned to bring life and colour to the cafe (that sits within Prince of Wales Hospital), Carly designed this beauty and executed it over the course of three days, much to the delight of passing patients.

And the lovely cafe owners were smiling too: “You are simply amazing, Carly. You have truly lightened up this space and its impact is greatly felt by every person who walks in.”

Yep, this one delivered a bigger buzz than a triple shot cap.

Created by hand, with love.

Stuart Smythe :: Waiting Day

Stu always knew that being a creative was his calling – being surrounded by creative people opens his mind to the beauty that exists in every thing and every place.

He believes that artists have a responsibility to give, to entertain, to beautify, to educate, to evoke thought and to share goodness.

And it really shows in everything he does.

Created by hand and then digitally remastered.

Mowgli :: Element Skateboards

Based in Barcelona, Mowgli a.k.a. Adrian Morris, is an illustrator, adventure seeker, photographer and all ‘round artsy guy. His artworks are often character-based, with muted colour palettes and some serious tribal vibes.

Created with calligraphy ink brush pens and then digitally remastered.

Shannon Crees :: Glue Store, Westfield Miranda

With a background in fashion illustration and street art, Shannon creates works on canvas as well as large scale murals, both locally and internationally.

She was the only Aussie included in the high profile line up of ‘Best Graffiti Artists in the World’ at Banksy’s Cans Festival, London. And her pieces have been displayed at the MCA for Australian Fashion Week and in Sydney’s Town Hall.

Shannon is one of many remarkable, strong female artists on the TDA roster.

#internationalwomensday #IWD2018

The Drawing Arm on Show :: Kareena Zerefos :: Untitled

Ever artful, Kareena Zerefos, will be showing a selection of her new works on paper as part of ‘Untitled’ at Traffic Jam Galleries, opening this Wednesday, March 7th, 6-8pm.

With these pieces Kareena explores the notion of the feminine, as icon and archetype, addressing her vulnerabilities and insecurities around womanhood and creativity as she transitioned into motherhood. The banksia is used as a personal symbol of woman and mother and of letting go; the ego death that comes with being a vessel of life.

Watercolour and graphite on paper.

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