Insights/foresights :: with Ben Fearnley

Meet Ben Fearnley – award-winning designer and 3D illustration and typography aficionado.

Originally from the UK and now based in New York, Ben has a killer eye for detail, bringing concepts to life through a combination of CGI and digital art and imagery.

“When I was 15 I decided that all I wanted to do was to work in design and illustration and to make a living doing something creative, so I dropped everything else to make this happen.”

Ben masterfully models each element from scratch, before adding texture and colour and then lighting them in a 3D environment. It’s no surprise he only works with the best of the best, including Nike, Sony, Pepsico, BMW and Red Bull.

And of course, now he’s working with us!

What’s your dream project or brand to work on?

Two of my favourite brands are Apple and Nike – because of their innovative, forward-thinking nature – always being one step ahead of the game. And I’ve been fortunate enough to be commissioned by both of those brands in the US recently! Both projects turned out to be successful and fun, so fingers crossed it can continue.

What do you see trending in illustration this year? 

In my particular area of illustration (digital and 3D) I’m seeing a trend toward more simplicity in artwork – not going all out and filling an image with a crazy level of detail just for the sake of it, if it’s not adding to the concept.

I’m also seeing multiple-exposure influencing the world of illustration. And a lot of fun, hand-drawn typography and calligraphy, and a prevalence of geometric shapes and pattern work being integrated into artwork.

Name your top three Instagram accounts to follow?  

I would probably say number 1 would be @ben_fearnley? Yeah, I heard he’s pretty good on there (jokes)!

@handmadefont – a great curated gallery of illustrated typography from around the world.

@vault49 – an amazing design agency based in NYC with a sharp eye for craft and illustration.

@ladbible – for when you need a break from design / just to have a laugh!

In the future all art is destroyed, and you can only save one piece – what would it be?

I would like to keep the painting of the Whistler’s Mother by James McNeill Whistler, so I can the paint over it and deface it in the same way that Mr Bean did.

To check out more of Ben’s work or to write his next brief, click here.