Insights/foresights :: with Lew Keilar

Introducing wickedly talented artist and graphic facilitator, Lew Keilar. Lew has been illustrating for over twenty years and is a well renowned champion of the drawn world.

Specialising in live scribing, storyboarding, whiteboard art and now animation, Lew’s work has been described as free flowing and spontaneous, yet reassuringly confidant, bold and defined. Just like the man himself!

With pieces that vary from detailed pencil sketches to big, blocked-out colour and graphics, Lew creates a range of moods with the flick of a finger and the curve of a line.

And we sat down with the man over pastry, to grab his insights and foresights into the industry.

What’s your dream project or brand to work on?

Collaborating with a professional screenwriter to produce a whiteboard animation about future tech and the impact on human evolution – now that would be a dream!

I also love doing band sketches at live gigs, so being the official sketch artist at one of the big festivals like Splendour would be so much fun!

What do you see trending in illustration this year? 

It seems that corporate storytelling is becoming more and more sought after.

A big company came to me recently with a beautifully crafted script, capturing their story from the immediate past to the present and into their bright and ambitious future.

It’s a story-structure I have used myself in developing road-map style illustrations – they become powerful communication tools for staff and partners – and big corporates are really beginning to see the value in such commissions.

As a side note – the writer of this particular story was just so eloquent that I reached out to him to see if he would be interested in working together again. Our first conversation was a bit of a Vulcan mind-meld, so this could be a collaboration to look out for!

Name your top three Instagram accounts to follow?  

I don’t do that much on Instagram, I must admit, but this Moebius (Jean Giraud) Pinterest page is well worth a minute of your time.

 In the future all art is destroyed, and you can only save one piece – what would it be?

Comicbook master artist, Moebius (as mentioned above), produced a graphic novel series called ‘The INCAL’ with writer / director, Alejandro Jodorowsky, back in the 1980s.

It’s incredibly influential material to which films like The Fifth Element and Blade Runner owe their grandeur and visual texture. The series has finally been compiled into a beautiful, single volume just recently.

Moebius has always been a line artist with incredible imagination and technical virtuosity. His body of work is truly daunting (and certainly one to be saved)!