Artist Spotlight :: Rohan Cain


Ro is a super versatile illustrator and tackles many different styles, but his favourite medium is textured, layered, cut and collaged paper! With a lateral mind and storyteller heart, his fav illustration project to date is his work for Laneway Festival 2015 – he says it was right up his alley (or laneway, to be more precise).

Kareena Zerefos :: TEAMEVENT


We work on all sorts of wonderful illustration briefs over here – so when TEAMEVENT said they needed a live artist to attend a Bat Mitzvah we thought, what fun! Kareena came to the party (literally) and was an absolute hit, creating gorgeous 5-minute sketches of the guests in their party frocks.

Artist Spotlight :: Marty Schneider


Marty’s mad illustration skills have been used to great effect across the advertising, publishing, fashion and music industries. A fan of the night and the first three hours of the day, Marty reckons that life is essentially about amusement, enlightenment and paying your bills. Naturally, he thinks his solar powered calculator is the most notable illustration prize he’s ever won!

Artist Spotlight :: Russell Tate


When asked about his pets, Russell describes them as “CC3232; an accurate web colour for goldfish” – an appropriate response for someone who lives and breathes illustration as Russ does! He cites his most illustrious job to date as illustrating space shuttles for NASA – you could say his career in the creative biz has reached dizzying heights!

Artists Abroad :: Mark Long


Based in the UK, Mark illustrates a regular column for The Independent, using brushes, ink and good ol’ fashioned print techniques to create expressive, humorous and carefully stylised images. His subject matter is varied – people, animals and anthropomorphised inanimate objects – nothing is off limits and the sky’s the limit for Mr Long!

Mulga :: NSW Business Chamber :: Skillsroad


If you happen to spot a sorbet-loving gorilla out on the roads, you’ll know you’re looking at the new Skillsroad Caravan. The vehicle, emblazoned with an eye-catching Mulga original, is taking to the streets, offering job placement support to 15-24 year olds looking to kick-start their careers! Warm fuzzys (of the primate variety) all ‘round!

Courtney Brims :: Bavarian Bier Café


Courtney Brims has created yet another gorgeous pin-up girl for the folks at Bavarian Bier Café. Lovers of all things craft beer and classic cars are sure to fall in love with Sweet Caroline! Yes, she’s mighty fine.

Insights/foresights :: with Dave Homer


Meet Dave Homer. 

One half of former legend creative team, Debaser, and now a key part of our team of illustrators at The Drawing Arm.

After almost a decade of design for the music industry, working on award-winning album artwork for Empire of the Sun, Cold Chisel and a million others to name a few – Dave has ventured out into the wider world of commercial illustration. 

Commuting between New York and Sydney, Dave still enjoys his music-related work, but he is currently concentrating on illustration and hand-drawn typography, typically combining the two.

His ever-growing international client list includes Capital One Bank (USA), Whole Foods (USA), Kiehls, Polk Audio, Optus, IBM, Telstra, Vodafone, Jetstar and Converse.


What’s your dream project or brand to work on?

That’s really hard to say. Some of my favourite clients and projects have come from the most unexpected brands. Back when I worked mainly in the music biz, I would have said working on a new Sonic Youth record would be my dream project! These days I really get excited to work on projects where a brand has faith in what I do as an artist, and wants to collaborate with me on a specific idea. Something that has a bigger scope than just a single image and requires me to communicate a number of ideas across different platforms and mediums. I’m also working on a book of my illustrations at the moment, which is pretty much turning out to be my dream project!

What do you see trending in illustration this year? 

I think we’re going to keep seeing styles that move away from being exclusively digitally created, and more toward work that has something of a hand-created feel. People tend to be less impressed with technical wizardry now, and seeing that a piece has been carefully thought out, considered and created has real value. I obviously use a lot of technology and hardware to create my work, but it all starts with a thought and a pencil and paper. I think hand-drawn typography in particular will continue to be prevalent, as it’s so effective at conveying personality and individuality. 


Name your top three Instagram accounts to follow?  

@powwowworldwide   @brooklynmuseum    @natgeo

In the future all art is destroyed, and you can only save one piece – what would it be?

I’d keep the original pencil sketch studies of Edward Hopper’s, “Nighthawks”. I love the painting, but in some ways, I like the scratchy, sparse little sketches much more. There are some hanging in the Whitney in NYC, and they are just such vague little outlines of an idea on old scraps of paper, but they have a real spontaneity and energy to them, and only hint at what the final piece will become.


To check out more of Dave’s work or to write his next brief, click here.  

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