Dave Homer :: See Shirts

If you’ve got a message that you think is tee-worthy, you might consider calling in the Big Guns o’ Type Design, a.k.a. Dave Homer. That’s what See Shirts did and they haven’t looked back – they’ve been too busy looking forward whilst gallivanting around in their bad-ass range of political active wear.

Russell Tate :: Viadux (via Hydrant Creative)

If you said to us that Water Network Systems as a topic of conversation was perhaps not that interesting, we’d have agreed with you. Until Russell Tate made it so pretty and easy-to-understand, that is!

All that was needed to jazz up this ‘dry’ subject matter was a bit of Russ’s sweet vector / infographic flair. You could say the project really flowed from there.

Illustration Trend Forecast

The rise of commercial illustration has been wonderful to witness over the last decade, with increased use across branding, marketing, advertising, packaging, editorial and TVCs. And it’s not just the ad industry that’s digging in – this year we have overseen commissions from an extremely broad array of industries; from FMCGs, craft beers, festivals and financial advisers to nurseries and plastic surgeries – hell, even the property development industry has cottoned on to the desirable, cut-through capabilities of a beautifully executed illustration campaign.  

We always get asked at The Drawing Arm – “What’s going to be hot this year?”

Here are our top three picks:

3D Typography

Bang – straight to the point messaging with all the delicious, glossy, shiny, colourful, textural, eye-catching mayhem in the message itself. This technique is still proving to be a huge hit in the advertising world, with its fierce adaptability to suit almost any brief whilst keeping the message front and centre.  

(Featured here: Brandon Els – ‘Paint me something’)  

That’s Unreal!

Surrealism is about unexpected juxtapositions and surprises. We are seeing more and more strange creatures and extraordinary landscapes mashed together with real products and people – surprising, delighting and often confusing the viewer.  

(Featured here: Thomas Cantoni – ‘Bisokplat’)

A New Perspective

With cut-through imagery becoming increasingly important to a brand’s success, illustrators are looking for new ways to present the ‘all-too-familiar’. With many illustrators taking their cues from selfie-culture, flat-lays, GoPros and drones – we are seeing great creations where the traditional idea of ‘perspective’ has taken on a new lease of life. From overhead view, wide-angle to extreme close-ups, the aim of the unusual perspective is to bring a fresh look to well-documented subjects.  

(Featured here: Ainsley Knott – ‘Bubble like soup’)

What is The Drawing Arm and how does it work?

The Drawing Arm is a specialist talent agency representing some of the finest illustrators in the world.

With a deep and diverse pool of artists at our fingertips, we cater to the varied needs of today’s commercial world – from mainstream advertising to cutting edge campaigns. And not only do we provide world class creative talent, we manage the entire illustration process from start to finish – ensuring an impeccable result that’s bang on brief.

Hailing from across Australia and beyond, our artists specialise in a whole range of styles – from vector magic to lovingly hand-crafted typography. So whatever you’re after, we will have someone to fit the bill.

Founded and run by owners of The National Grid – A creative thinking and design company – The Drawing Arm is operated by a team of people who really get how the creative commercial world works (after all, we work there ourselves every day).

For this reason, we’re able to help our clients through every phase of the illustration commission process – from selecting the right artist, or connecting you with your preferred artist, to briefing, fine-tuning, right through to final application and file delivery.

We pride ourselves on delivering the goods, on time and within budget.

So if you are after something really special for your brief – please get in touch, we are here to help.

The Drawing Arm New Recruit :: Martin Houra

We’re very excited to welcome self professed ‘obsessive tea drinker’, Martin Houra, to the TDA brew crew! Martin creates photo-real CG imagery from his Sydney-based studio, focusing on highly polished and retouched visuals, architectural visualisations and experimental animations. And he’s collaborated with and created for the likes of Audi, BMW, Coca Cola, Lego, Nike, Samsung and Volkswagon. Now that’s a delicious blend.

The Drawing Arm on Show

RUMBLE, the art show by Kentaro Yoshida and TDA’s Ben Brown, kicks off tomorrow night at Goodspace – L1, 115 Regent St Chippendale. The two artists’ styles have merged and resisted to create artworks stripped back to their barest elements, as well as other unexpected visual outcomes! Let’s get ready to rumble, fellow-skeletons.

The Drawing Arm on Show

Attention Melbournites! The Other Art Fair – Australia’s leading fair where art lovers meet and buy direct from the very best emerging and undiscovered artists – opens tomorrow at The Facility in Kensington. The artists have been hand picked by a committee of industry experts, and our very own Jamiee Paul happens to be one of them! We discovered her a while back…now you can too.

The Drawing Arm on Show

Make sure you grab a ticket to this year’s Adobe ‘MAKE IT’ Conference, and be sure to keep your eyes peeled for TDA Boss Man and Lady, Simon Barrett and Lara Allport. They’ll be eagerly awaiting your awesomely intelligent questions as members of the Creative Careers panel. Tix on sale now – you definitely want to MAKE IT to this one.

Brent Smith :: Healthy Buddha Gardens

We all like to eat delicious, organic produce…but building the garden in which to grow it, well, we might need a little help with that!

Enter Healthy Buddha Gardens. With a snazzy logo care of Brent Smith, and the goal of promoting health and wellbeing as a lifestyle, these guys will get you growing in no time!

It’s what the Buddha would want.

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