Brent Smith :: Healthy Buddha Gardens

We all like to eat delicious, organic produce…but building the garden in which to grow it, well, we might need a little help with that!

Enter Healthy Buddha Gardens. With a snazzy logo care of Brent Smith, and the goal of promoting health and wellbeing as a lifestyle, these guys will get you growing in no time!

It’s what the Buddha would want.

Lara Allport :: Frasers Property

When advertising a stylish development such as Sydney’s Central Park, one must do so in an equally befitting style. Who better for the task than Vector Queen, Lara Allport. Her artistic yet realistic depictions of this award-winning downtown destination go live today, as part of a widespread digital campaign. We think they’ve got some serious CGI-clutter cut through!

Artist Spotlight :: Shin Wakabayashi

If Japanese paper craft is your thing or even if it’s not, we’d like to introduce you to burgeoning artist, Shin Wakabayashi.

Inspired by video games and with a love of sharp corners, Shin cuts and then sculpts paper into type, characters and highly-detailed scenes.

We have a feeling we’ll be seeing more paper art out in the world this year, so be sure to bark up our tree if you want to know more!

The Drawing Arm on Show

TDA artist, Elliott Numskull, along with fellow Sydney artist, Georgia Hill, are exhibiting their first large-scale artwork together this Friday evening at COMMUNE Waterloo.

The pair have been collaborating and combining their unique artistic styles on murals and installations across Australia over the past 18 months. They’ll also be displaying their own personal works as part of the exhibition, so get down there and bask in the communal glory.


Ash Schmitt :: Mr. Burger

Mr. Burger and Ash Schmitt – a better client / artist match there never was! And when the new Mr. Burger store in Tasmania opened just the other week, it did so with two classic Ash Schmitt murals proudly in place. They wanted something irreverent and amusing with references to the local area and the characters therein. So Ash imagined a scene with the Mr. Burger truck parked recklessly in none other than David Walsh’s spot at MONA. And it’s gone down as well as their tasty burgers!

Jeremy Lord :: YMCA

To celebrate the 10-year anniversary of their Bridge Project – which helps to break the cycle of reoffending for at-risk youth – the YMCA wanted to tell the stories of some of the project’s participants. To accompany these stories, abstract portraits were created by Jeremy Lord and hung for the event – creating a beautiful result that everyone was very proud of.

Artist Spotlight :: Brent Smith


If you love ice cream, skulls and soft porn, then Brent Smith a.k.a. Biffy Brentano is sure to set your heart a’flutter. His lo-fi artworks often depict fantasy and surf culture scenes and a detached experience of everyday life. We’re very attached to him, however.

Courtney Brims :: Bavarian Bier Café   


We talk about Courtney’s pin-ups for Bavarian Bier Café a lot around here – they are just so delightful each one of them deserves a special mention! So meet Pretty Purrsuasion – the latest in her range of craft beer beauties. The prettiest kitty we ever did see.

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